Your true infinite nature

You are an infinite being, a master in the process of awakening

That’s Right! You have always done the best you can based upon your level of consciousness, childhood imprinting and life path… and so has everyone else in your life

As we learn, we do better. Life is a process of experimentation and discovery. All of your experiences and interactions have one purpose – to help you to discover your true, infinite nature.

Everything is energy. Surround yourself with ideas, things and people that inspire the passion within you and fan your flames. When you interact with those who express disdain, judgment or criticism, understand that their limiting beliefs are driving their behavior and simply continue to do the best you can. Self-worth, validation, humility and confidence must come from within. Do not seek them from outside sources.

Support one another with compassion. As we nurture others and help them to succeed, we create a flow of abundance and joy in our own lives.

Today my intention is to be patient with myself as I grow and change. There is always something new to learn.

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