Raising consciousness

Spiritual awakening is often hard to describe, and often harder for others to understand until they experience it for themselves.

That’s Right! I recognize that awareness is the first step in healing or changing. I become more aware with each passing day

Energy shifts create a change in consciousness. The process of evolution is the only true constant in life. We are forever releasing emotional baggage, dropping beliefs that no longer serve our growth and awakening to new possibilities. Sometimes changes happen so slowly that they are only recognized when experiences provide an opportunity to examine our level of reactivity or peaceful response to a given situation. Conversely, a traumatic event can immediately strip away the clutter leaving only peace in it’s wake.

Rather than try to explain your growth and beliefs to others, allow your life to be your message. The consistent ease and grace you exemplify will teach more than you can imagine. Align yourself with joy and fulfillment recognizing that we are all on the same journey. The only difference between us is one’s level of consciousness. That’s it. Drop all judgment and become the observer, become love, become compassion and plant seeds of kindness whenever possible (it is always possible).

Together we can create an energy field that supports each unique individual in finding his or her own light. Something wonderful is on the horizon – welcome it with open arms and laughter.

Today my intention is to discard old ideas. Freedom and change are in the air.

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