The Celtic Vows of Friendship

In order to receive love, you must first learn to love yourself.

That’s Right! I love who I am and reward myself with thoughts of praise

“The root cause of most difficulties in relationships is the fact that we want something from another. We imagine that we need the other person to be a certain way. Why? Perhaps so that we ourselves will then feel a certain way – safe, supported, appreciated, happy. When we don’t get what we want, when other people don’t act the way we wish they would, relationship difficulties begin. We then view these difficulties as impediments to happiness, even obstacles on our spiritual path. But these difficulties – especially in relationships – are themselves our path. While we might prefer that a person be a particular way, it is our misguided requirement that they be this way that stops real love from flowing. By giving up our requirements of others, we open to the love that already connects us.”
~ Ezra Bayda

Often, the challenges we face in our interpersonal relationships motivate us to awaken. When faced with disappointment, the spiritual seeker utilizes his or her tools to help bring balance back into their experience. Suddenly the lessons of yesterday take on new meaning. Enlightenment is a process. It comes from the repeated application of all that we have learned so far to the circumstances of our lives.

Bless those who challenge you and seek to consciously apply the Celtic Vows of Friendship when interacting with others. When you become proficient at all six statements, your relationships will provide you with a sense of empowerment and peace.

Today my intention is to accept everyone in my life just the way they are. I honor all paths as sacred.

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