Everything works toward your highest good

Trust the processes of your awakening. Everything works toward the highest good for all involved.

That’s Right! I view all situations as opportunities for me to learn and grow

Fear keeps us trapped within the boundary of the known. When fear arises, recognize it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. If you choose to take one conscious step (no matter how small) toward it rather than the yielding to the desire to run, you move one step closer to enlightenment.

As you learn to take personal responsibility for your joy in the present moment, it transforms victim consciousness into empowerment. When you face your fear, its power over you begins to dissipate. Remember to give yourself encouragement, be patient and kind in your self talk and proceed knowing that you are supported and loved each step of the way.

Your purpose is to awaken. Everything and everyone you encounter is playing a role in your soul’s development. Consider this – those who challenge you the most on the physical plane love you the most on the spiritual plane. They provide opportunities for you to rise above, to define your boundaries, to articulate your beliefs and to live your truth. Ultimately, love resides at the core of every situation.

Today my intention is to remember that every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on Earth

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