Peace in the present moment

Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness in this moment

That’s Right! When I create peace in my mind, I find it in my life

Many people unknowingly keep themselves trapped in a pattern of delaying happiness while they struggle to correct perceived problems in their lives. This approach causes the mind to consistently find new obstacles or goals to focus upon rather than experiencing the beauty of the present moment. It sees this moment as an obstacle or a means to an end and keeps them trapped in a cycle of frustration and even misery.

This moment, the Now, is all that exists. Everything else is a focus on the past (memory) or the future (worries or dreams), both of which are mind-made creations. Seek joy where you are, bring yourself present and observe when the mind seeks to destroy your peace. As you shine the light of consciousness on the ego, it’s hold over you decreases. From there, you can choose to alter your thoughts, focus on gratitude or do something that brings your joy. The conscious decision to choose peace (even in the midst of a challenge) will ultimately create a peaceful, empowered life.

You have the ability to choose this Now. Awareness, positive self talk and mindful choices will allow you to discover the wonder and beauty that surrounds you.

Today my intention is to remember to give myself moments of stillness and gratitude throughout my day.

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