Your spiritual GPS

You are loved and guided each and every step of the way.
“I laugh at life (and at myself), and choose not to be offended by anyone or anything.” 
~Louise Hay~
At any given moment you have the full, loving support of the Universe to jump into the unknown. The beauty of trying something new is that it will allow you to discover new aspects of your strength, your ingenuity, your creativity… and you just might find new ways of looking at the world.
Whatever new experience comes to you, let it happen. Be present. Experience it fully and then release it to move on. The process of loving what is begins with leaving the past where it belongs — in the past.
Mike Dooley uses a wonderful example to explain the miracle of trusting the Universe. Imagine the Universe is your spiritual GPS system. You program the end result, allow it to examine all the various roads and it will provide the easiest way for you to get from point A to point B. What I liked was this thought: When you are going somewhere you’ve never been, you take the lefts and rights provided by the GPS but you don’t know if it’s truly worked until you reach your final destination. At that moment all comes clear and you breathe a sigh of relief. The other helpful aspect is that, like a GPS, if you decide to stop or take an unexpected turn, the system automatically recalculates and provides new directions based upon where you are – you cannot make a mistake and you will reach your destination – even if you decide to have adventures along the way.
Today my intent is to walk life’s highway with a childlike sense of wonder and trust – moment to moment – with each step leaving the past behind. I am here to have an adventure of epic proportions.
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