Conscious choices and change

Every act of kindness sends waves of energy throughout the Universe.

“I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.” 
~Louise Hay~
About five years ago a friend shared a beautiful story with me that is truly a Wow Moment. One of the members of her soul group passed away. He was an organ donor and his loving and selfless choice saved the lives of five other people.
But here is the true beauty of the story which leaves a lasting impression of spiritual enlightenment and a change of perception. He was Israeli and his heart was transplanted into an Arab – this loving action (set into motion by all the various souls who were involved) transformed the lives of all the family members on both sides of the equation. Those who were traditionally considered enemies came together to celebrate life.
This momentous event made headlines in Israel.

Click above to view the YouTube newscast. For those who do not speak Hebrew, you can see and feel the energy flowing. Look what love can do… a single act of kindness can change the world.

All of us have a part to play in the changing frequency of the planet. Collectively, as the planet continues its movement from young soul energy to mature soul, the result will be more altruistic acts of compassion, heartfelt kindness and healing.
“It was perhaps one of your greatest acts of love.
Choosing to be alive at a time when so many
are so deeply in the dark.
And already things are looking brighter.
All bow,
The Universe”
~Mike Dooley~
Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity and to remember that it only takes the light of one candle to break the darkness.
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