Forgive yourself, you’re worth it!

Forgive yourself, you’re worth it.

“My understanding is clear, and I am willing to change with the times.” 
~Louise Hay~

All conflict in the world is created because we are in conflict with ourselves. It gets projected outward through judgment, gossip, impatience and the desires of the ego. It’s easier to recognize the dysfunction in others than to see what needs to be healed within the Self.

Consider someone in your life who is a pleasure to be around. Perhaps he or she is accepting (so you feel safe being yourself with them), compassionate (willing to look at others’ point of view without judgment) or peaceful. If you’re able to recognize these wonderful qualities and appreciate the beauty of them, it is because they are also found in you. If you nurture these aspects within yourself they will become more pronounced.

If you consider someone in your life who always seems to be creating drama, conflict or disappointment, examine whether you view this person with compassion or whether you get drawn into the negativity. When someone triggers a negative response within us, it is because we carry the same attribute. You spot it, you got it. This is a powerful indicator of what is ready to be healed on your personal and unique path of transformation.

Step by step, layer by layer, the spiritual seeker is always ready to release old pain, misconceptions, limiting programming or restrictive beliefs. At some point, you’ll find yourself experiencing compassion more and more often. Those who are unconscious will no longer trigger a negative response from you and instead you’ll be the person who is a pleasure to be around because you emit an aura of peace and serenity.

Today my intention is to take responsibility for my own joy.

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