The art of forgiveness

Your role, as a spiritual seeker, as an old soul, as an awakening master, is to do things differently!

“Every experience in my life is an opportunity for growth.” 
~Louise Hay~
Think of the art of forgiveness, of total and complete acceptance and realize that the time has come to move completely out of that ballpark – beyond the concept of the need for forgiveness at all.
On the path of mastery a point is reached where, if one wants to enter the higher realms of consciousness, old attitudes and ways of interacting with one another must shift. I know that it can be challenging to remain aligned with our spiritual principles in the face of traditional “righteous anger”. People often view me as foolish when I choose love over judgment, acceptance over retribution, or see no need to “fix” a perceived wrong. I have learned that the best use of my energy comes from moving forward and learning more about myself and my journey – always.
The ego will always find ways to justify judgment and condemnation – in fact, the more spiritual one becomes, the more subtlety comes into play. We are now being asked to transcend blame, to examine our thoughts and beliefs and work from within.
    • Honor each path as sacred – we reside together on this planet and there are many paths to enlightenment. Everyone has something to teach
    • Manifest joy in all things and share it – even with those who have caused you pain. Energetically, you can choose to be an active part of their awakening
    • Release the belief in limitations and become open to Divine Truth. In human form our perception is narrow and there is much more to life than meets the eye. Always look to expand your viewpoint in ways that empower you
Today my intention is to trust that each step I take is guided by Divine Intelligence and know there is a deeper purpose in all I experience.
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