Your purpose is to awaken

Your purpose is to awaken. Everything else that you may accomplish in this life is secondary and is meant only to support your awakening and the part you play in raising the consciousness of the planet.
That’s right! This is the moment of transformation

Awakening is achieved through joy, authentic interaction and conscious movement. The ego plays the role of teacher when it creates a story that stops you in your tracks. Feelings of frustration or despair fuel the stories of the past and only through the tools of awakening can we break free.

Each and every person has a karmic group of 12 that has agreed to walk the journey playing specific roles and offering support along the way. The various roles are: Love, Knowledge, Compassion, Humor, Discipline, Anchor, Child, Beauty, Mentor, Healer, Enlightenment and Muse.

Your willingness to accept support is an indicator which measures your self-agape (self love). You are in control of how much support you are willing to receive. Most people only allow two or three very close, supportive relationships in their life. It’s a wonderful spiritual practice to purposely utilize as many of the 12 positions as you can. Doing so will open your ability to recognize your own value and the gifts that you have to share.

Today, my intention is to choose joy. I am grateful for every moment that has brought me to this stage of my awakening and I lovingly express thanks to those who have helped me along the way.

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