Your purpose

Love is everywhere.
That’s right! I am surrounded by the love, light and laughter of the Universe

Those that feel a scarcity of love are often blinding themselves to it as part of the process of their growth. Often it is an outward expression of the belief that one is unlovable or unworthy. Some are afraid of intimacy or are trapped by fear of abandonment.

As with anything – peace, balance, money, friendship or support – the way to create more of something in your life is to give yourself more of it. As you purposely align with higher energy and intention, you become a magnet which draws in supportive circumstances.

“Love ultimately ends maya, karma, and the entire physical plane game. When you experience unconditional acceptance of yourself and others you have achieved total communication, total relationship, and the game is over. You have reunited with the Tao. That is the ultimate goal of the physical plane game.” ~ Jose Stevens

Today, my intention is to rejoice in what I have and meet all challenges with open arms.

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