The power of stillness

These are extraordinary times and you are an extraordinary being.
That’s right! I am willing to awaken

It’s important to remember that you will always benefit from re-balancing your energy with moments of quietude and mindfulness. From this space of awareness, we have the opportunity to touch ancient wisdom.

When you are aligned with your true nature, you discover that there is nothing to fight. There is only love. In compassion we meet one another in the field of form. In kindness, we extend a hand and lift someone from the throes of darkness. Our words of hope plant seeds that can transform the consciousness of those with whom we come into contract.

It’s important to consider that you have chosen to be here in this time and space for a specific reason. Your unique perception and abilities are integral aspects of the tapestry we weave together. The lessons you learn or facilitate in others shape the rising consciousness of humanity. Together we can discover how to see past the limitations of the mind and step into infinite possibility.

Today, my intention is to be kind to myself as I grow and change.

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