Using anger as an aspect of awakening

Use any anger that arises in your experience as a vehicle of your healing.
That’s right! My world is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs

One of the tools of ego is the usage of righteous anger. It masquerades as a desire to help, to change negative situations, to wake others up to the “truth” of reality and gives the perception of higher purpose in the world.

The triggers we encounter have two purposes: to activate movement and transformation and to show us our own unhealed wounds. When anger arises, begin by going within. Recognize the aspects of yourself that are being reflected to you and seek to transform your anger into wisdom and empowerment.

Then you can begin to take action from a higher place of consciousness. If there is someone with whom you feel the need to speak, the absence of anger will create room for authentic communication. should you decide to take action, your choices will defuse the situation instead of fueling it. When you choose to be a living example of how love transforms, your anger has served a purpose.

Today, my intention is to be a living embodiment of love in my thoughts, words and actions.

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