A mandala is an image, usually complex and intricate, which represents the Oneness of a complete world.
That’s right! Every aspect of my life is sacred

It’s important to remember that each and every area of our life experience must be a conscious part of our spiritual life before we can fully evolve.

Often people focus on just one or two aspects of their journey – perhaps meditation and mindfulness play a significant role in their work or field of study, but then they fall into unconscious behavior when dealing in matters regarding family or relationships. While others, trapped by limiting thought patterns, struggle with poverty consciousness because of a belief that wealth and success are somehow separate from spirituality.

The awakened life is about wholeness. Apply your spiritual techniques in every situation. Bring a sense of awareness to even the most mundane of activities. Internal boundaries must be dissolved. Pay close attention to any areas of your life where you experience suffering, conflict or limitation. These are the areas that are rich with potential.

Today, my intention is to allow my experience to expand remembering that there is a sacred unity that connects all things.

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