Compassion toward the Self

Offer the intention of loving-kindness toward yourself.
That’s right! I grow beyond old ideas of limitation by being gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change

No one else can make you feel whole – that can only come from within. Oneness is always available and it is accessible to you in this moment. When you choose to live with peacefulness and kindness to both yourself and others, your experiences will reflect this in life-enriching ways.

Spiritual life is a maturing of understanding, a constant unfolding of the infinite aspects of awakening. No matter how much you have learned, there are always new levels of consciousness to explore. Your adventures have barely begun!

Compassion for the self provides the first glimpses of freedom of the heart beyond the shifting changes of the world. But this isn’t the end. As we incorporate new ways of being, the awakened heart calls once again for experience and enlightenment and we may return to our old lessons in order to gain understanding through the higher levels of wisdom.

Today, my intention is to be willing to love unconditionally, beginning with myself

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