Living passionately

Let your life be a passionate expression of joy.
That’s right! I can choose peace in my life now

The ego creates stories to convince you that you cannot be at peace now because of unrealized goals (projecting into the future) or past disappointments (carrying the burdens of the past). The awakened spirit learns to reside fully in the present moment, discovering that joy is only possible in the Now. Peace is the end of the ego.

This moment is the field of energy in which life is experienced. What are you choosing right now? Eckhart Tolle says that the secret of all success and happiness is being one with life.

The light of awareness within you seeks only to experience this moment – fully, passionately, joyfully. That experience is blocked when one that believes that happiness is dependent upon what happens. This erroneous belief causes us to miss the deeper perfection that lies beyond the world of form.

Joy does not happen to you or come to you… it exists within you and is expressed through you. Your role as a spiritual seeker is to bring that passion for life to the present moment. Ask yourself, “How can I bring the best version of myself to this situation?” The answer always lies within.

Today, my intention is to remember that awakening is a shift in consciousness that transforms everything I do. My role is to open myself to the Divine and bring light into the world.

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