Expectation vs appreciation

Longing is another form of suffering. Rooted in some undetermined future, it robs us of the ability to experience the vibrancy and potential of the present moment.
That’s right! I hold no cherished outcome

Human intimacy, and all the emotional aspects it contains, provides the richness of spiritual life. Many seek to rise above the mundane as an aspect of their spiritual journey; however, the repudiation of interaction can sometimes become the ego’s way of grabbing hold through denial or judgment. Anyone can be zen while meditating hidden from the world. The spiritual master brings that sense of peace into each and every relationship.

Be willing to be vulnerable and participate in the experiences of your life. Conscious choices are always available to you when you remember that every situation is an active and integral part of your awakening.

The present moment brings what the present moment brings. Live it. Release the word “should” from your vocabulary, it indicates expectation rather than acceptance.

Today, my intention is to move forward with confidence and ease knowing that all is well.

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