Your journey is unique

It’s important to find your unique way of connecting to the Divine. Spiritual teachings and writings are simply pointers that may be utilized to correct your course from time to time, but until you discover your own truth and live from a level of authentic experience, those ideas may actually hinder you from going deeper and finding your own way of being in the world.

Older souls have a tendency to explore many different belief systems and teachings, ultimately blending the aspects with which they resonate in order to create a unique perception. This perception creates the foundation used to experience the grand adventure of awakening. Keep in mind that it’s wonderful to explore new levels of awareness. And always, always… look within. Personal strength comes from inner knowing.

You have your own dreams to fulfill and your own journey to walk. Now is the time to release the expectations of others that you’ve chosen to carry (usually believing that they are your own). Spiritual awakening is a constant movement of energy – releasing the old, allowing room for the new and discovering the clarity which comes from setting down your burdens.

All beings have embarked upon the ultimate journey of happiness and sometimes we may act a temporary guide for those around us. Remember what is was like to be spiritually asleep and bring the compassion you have cultivated to whatever situation you may encounter. The unconsciousness of others is merely a projection of their pain, and when we choose to remain in a state of compassionate detachment, we have the opportunity to teach by example.

Today my intention is to open to new levels of experience.

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