Choosing joy

After a restless night with a sick puppy, I chose to move into acceptance regarding the fact that today’s Wow Moment would go out a bit late.

The animals in our lives are remarkable teachers. In this case, whelping alerted me to abdominal pain each time I began to drift off to sleep. Like anyone else, I had to control the voice of the ego, realizing that fear and worry do nothing to aid the situation. Instead, I used my tools: Reiki, Deeksha, affirmations, talking to my guides and angels for assistance until finally, Zen Mistress Minky and I reached our normal state of peace again.

I’m happy to report that the crisis seems to have passed. Those of us on a conscious spiritual journey have the same issues and cares as anyone else; however, we have access to different ways of dealing with whatever life offers. In the moments when you find yourself using your tools to navigate through a challenge, realize how far you’ve come.

And so today, I begin with gratitude… embracing the beauty of the morning.

Today my intention is to love what is.

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