You have unique gifts to share

The time has come to share your gifts. There is nothing special that you need to do – simply live in your truth and be willing for it to happen. Willingness opens us to receive (and become) the energy of the miraculous.

Sharing can come in many forms – work, relationships, expressions of creativity and how you respond to everyday circumstances. Pay attention to whomever is drawn to you now. Listen to the wisdom of your heart when you notice yourself offering loving advice. It is simply the right time to be your authentic self.

In the midst of challenge, be reminded that times of great sorrow are often followed by great breakthroughs. In order for spiritual transformation to happen, we must go within and then act in alignment with our inner truth. You may find that within pain, the sharing of your gifts or insights is needed more than ever. Open to the flow of the Universe and see what happens.

Enjoy all the aspects of your life – the act of expansion, trying different approaches, success and failure, discovering new facets of your unique journey, absorbing new ideas and especially, the sharing of your gifts. In the commonality of our experience lies the seeds of compassion. Expand into love and see what happens.

Today my intention is to seek wholeness through the expression of my truth and the authenticity of my actions.

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