Your beliefs are the law of your life

That’s Right! I am open to new ideas

That’s Right! Our infinite universe contains limitless possibilities

That’s Right! I enter into the joy of conscious union with the Divine

That’s Right! Life is open to me, rich full and abundant

That’s Right! I am free from the limitation of doubt

Your beliefs set the stage for your experiences. Many times, core beliefs are hidden deep within the unconscious, so if you are unsure of the energy you are emitting, examine the unfoldment of your life. Those who belief that they are supported and will be met with assistance, love and kindness draw in those very things. Others who carry the belief that life is a struggle will draw in the experience of struggle.

The energy of the Universe is there for you to utilize in any way that you wish. Like electricity, we plug in an appliance (our belief) and the energy flows into it for use. Keep in mind that electricity is neither good or bad; however, with it we can choose to cool a home or electrocute a man. The key is how we choose to direct the power.

The affirmations at the top of each Wow Moment! are meant to reinforce thoughts which are supportive, expanding and powerfully positive. It’s up to each of us to be aware of what we are asking the infinite energy of the universe to do for us. Your beliefs are the law of your life.

Faith is the most important thing in your life. It is impossible to arrive at the grandeur of its possibility through pretty thinking and small ideas… ~ Ernest Holmes ~

You can change the patterns of your thoughts. The power already lies within you and the greatest adventure of your life is learning how to use it with intention. Focus on the end goal – happiness – and choose it Now. Your energy will act as a magnet, drawing in the people, circumstances and situations that are aligned with you. All too often, we may focus on achieving a particular goal and then sabotage or negate the energy with limiting words and beliefs… something as simple as saying, “I need a new car…” is negated by further statements such as, “…but there’s no way I can afford the prices these days.” or “…and dealers always screw me over.” The opposing energy between desire and belief creates struggle within the experience.

Expect joy, greatness and love within your experience. Observe statements that project limitation and purposefully retrain the mind utilizing repetitive positive statements, intention and affirmations. Then, support the energy of those thoughts with conscious action. Marvelous gifts await.

Today my intention is to be simple and direct, to expect beauty and live authentically.


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