Preparing for new levels of consciousness

In the advanced stages of spiritual growth we often go through a cleansing or purging process designed to aid us in releasing things which no longer resonate with our new vibration. You may feel that shift in many ways throughout the unique aspects of your life… weight loss, the desire the clean out closets, friendships may move in different directions, changing priorities… do not fear this process. It indicates profound movement within your soul’s growth.

Though this period of purification and initiation may seem challenging, you are creating a space in which something new can emerge. Expect to feel a greater sense of peace, spiritual transformation and personal connection to the Divine. These changes would not be here if your soul was not ready to reside in a higher state of consciousness.

On the level of form, we rarely see the whole picture. Your strength lies in the power of surrender and acceptance and it is time to walk forward with faith. Live from the heart and allow your new life to unfold.

Today my intention is to imagine the life of my dreams and live it now to the best of my ability.

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