Divine timing

Divine timing ensures that you are right where you need to be. A missed opportunity is not a mistake, it is merely a missed opportunity. Drop any judgment or self-doubt and know that you have always done the best you can with what you have from where you are on your spiritual journey and your higher guidance is always operating behind the scenes.

The key to moving forward on your life’s path in a state of empowerment is to ensure that you are fully conscious and aware within the present moment. Awareness will allow you to recognize and quickly respond to Divine timing as it unfolds.

Most of us can review our life situations and personal history and see the hand of the Divine at work. Coincidences, inspiration, action and faith blend together to create opportunity. We need to develop the ability to trust and take risks as we traverse the Path of Transformation.

See the Universe as a brilliant navigational system. You provide the end result you desire (awakening, happiness and peace)  and as you travel, it adjusts and provides new routes that you can utilize to reach your destination. You can move quickly or take the long way, it doesn’t matter. The system will simply readjust, even if you should decide to take a detour. However… the more important aspect of the journey is this – you must start and keep moving in order to reach your destination.

So, go ahead and begin, trust that you’ll do the best with what you have from where you are. Allow for adjustments – perhaps choosing to view them as mini-adventures. When we travel in unfamiliar cities, we put a lot of faith in our navigational systems and often don’t know with certainty that we’ve where we need to be until we reach our destination. It is must the same with Divine guidance on our unique Path of Transformation.

Today my intention is to show up, stay aware and take one more step forward in faith.

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