Simple messages of love and kindness

The higher the vibrational frequency of energy, the simpler things become. Whether someone’s personal story, the teachings we discover in books or through spiritual teachers or the language of the heart, one can determine the type of message based upon excessive input or the lack of it.

Ego-driven stories contain a lot of detail. There’s blame, defense, back story and drama. Those with lower frequencies seek to absorb energy from the people around them, and thus, this is why some people seem tiring or draining to be around.

The most loving gift you can give another is spaciousness. When we move into detached compassion, we allow those we love the ability to do their own spiritual work. Part of the journey is to learn to take responsibility for the choices we make and transform then when necessary. You can teach by example by consciously presenting your own energy in its highest form at all times.

Gossip too, is a lower frequency which is based upon excessive story. Refrain from sharing anything which is not supportive to yourself or others. The more aware we become of the energy that we send out into the Universe, the simpler things become. Delight in the successes of others and success will certainly be drawn to you. Share stories of breakthrough, strength, love and forgiveness only and see the effect it has on your own experiences and consciousness.

Today my intention is to be the change I wish to see in the world.

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