Healing emotional wounds

Allow your wounds to be healed. When emotional pain rises to the surface, it is at that moment that it is ready and available to be healed. These deeply buried wounds of the past are repeatedly reflected in our life experiences until they are cleared.

In order to receive healing, we must choose to become vulnerable and open to the love of the Universe. Openness and acceptance create a space where we can dissolve the struggle and suffering once considered so necessary by the ego… and from this state of wholeness, we can help others to become whole as well.

When our energy is no longer tied up in defense, blame, regret, reactivity or trying to fix others, we become a channel for the power of the Divine and all that incredible life force flows into the present moment.

Procrastination tangles our lives within the gray and lifeless landscape of the mind and we can become caught in the web of endless decisions, ideas, worries, doubts and confusion. Clarity begins with your conscious state of awareness. Take responsibility for the choices that have been made thus far and choose to transform the situation (or your perception of it) into something new. When you feel stuck, begin moving forward in any direction and break free of stagnation. On the physical plane, this can be accomplished in many ways – changing a limiting habit, cleaning our closets or rearranging a room, taking a risk or finding reasons to be grateful… fortunately the options are infinite. All transformation first begins in the transformation of our thoughts.

Spiritual awakening is a process and it’s powerful to remain true to your unique journey. Joy is freedom that you can create for yourself in this moment. Every circumstance is meant to awaken your innate knowledge of the Divine energy that lives within you. You can choose to recognize this divinity and merge with the love of the Universe.

Today my intention is to remember that I am an infinite being on a journey of discovery. I am loved, supported and guided by the Divine every step of the way.

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