Accept the gifts that life has to offer

The blessings that flow into your experience are a result of past work, effort and intention and you deserve to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer. Be open and willing to receive this energy, for it is merely a return of what you have already sent out into the world.

Sometimes blessings are easy to spot, while others lie hidden within a perceived challenge. For this reason, an attitude of acceptance is a wonderful quality to develop. It allows you to move more quickly through the events of your life and reap the rewards that come from the process.

Gratitude cultivates a blessed state of mind. It gets us in the habit of looking at situations through the eyes of the Divine. The more aligned with are with the energy of Gratitude, the more open we become. Even when you are unsure of the reasons behind the circumstances of your life, trust that you are loved and guided each step of the way.

Today my intention is to be grateful for the abundance of gifts in my life.

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