There is never a wrong time

It is the right time to be your authentic self. The sharing of your gifts can come through your work, relationships and ordinary, everyday occurrences. There’s no need to plan, simply be true to the guidance of your heart.

When you discover the light of the Divine within you, it transforms everything. Even death becomes nothing more than a doorway that allows you to reconnect with the universal spirit and become one with the source of all life.

The inner voice of your higher guidance speaks in the wordless language of the heart. It is accepting, loving and playful. It transcends dualities and allows you the ability to hear your truth in the midst of life’s confusion.

When you are living aligned with your truth, there is no doubt or fear. The Divine is expressing itself through you without the filters of limitation. See the spark of the infinite within yourself and expand your vision, seeking it too in others. Let your whole life become a prayer and share the unique gifts of your beauty.

Your experience of the world is one of your own projection. As your spirit awakens to Truth, you’ll notice that your viewpoint expands. When you realize that you can simultaneously perceive multiple perspectives, it allows the ability to make healthier choices. Awakening is something that we allow. Grace must be consciously acceptance and the time is right.

Today my intention is to remember that there is a difference between knowing your path and walking your path. I am willing to be the change I wish to see in the world.

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