What else is possible?

Learn to live in the realm of infinite possibility.

“All choices are open to human beings. The more conscious a person becomes, the more his choices will lead him to happiness; the more unconscious he is, the closer he will move towards misery.”

On life’s journey one may often the find the voice of ego saying, “What if I fail?” What if you do fail? Will you not learn something incredibly valuable? That little voice of fear almost never jumps to the other end of the spectrum… “What if it turns out perfectly?”

And yet, all possibilities exist simultaneously. When you allow only one idea to repeat, energy flows along that line of possibility and, if permitted long enough, blocks all other possibilities.

One way to open the flow is to ask yourself, “What else is possible?” See how many different outcomes you can imagine, from the worst to the best and everything in between. This shifts the energy from feeding your greatest fears and diffuses it until a shift in consciousness can occur.

When you move into the higher levels of consciousness – willingness, acceptance, love, peace, joy and enlightenment – your inner light, passion and intention become transformative and your thoughts will reflect positive expectation. Every situation offers an opportunity to succeed or to learn; either way, grace is the foundation for your experience.

Today my intention is to be willing to accept a miracle.

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