Expanding consciousness

There is always something new to discover.

“The progression of the evolution of consciousness is accelerated by the combination of intention plus attention.”
~David R. Hawkins~ 

When interacting with others, it’s helpful to determine and understand the level of consciousness from which they experience life. One cannot expect someone in the grip of fear to suddenly make the jump to acceptance; although, it can happen, spiritual evolution is typically a step by step process.

Those who vibrate under 200 can be exhausting. You may find yourself head-achy or tired after spending time around them. They create high amounts of drama in order to feed off the energy of others (psychic vampirism). Don’t judge them for this because they haven’t reached a place in their development where they can tap into the energy of the Divine and do not know that healthier approaches to life are possible. However, you can negate this drain by purposely taking yourself to the highest level of consciousness possible while operating from a space of detached compassion and kindness.

No matter your level of consciousness, always seek to raise your vibration to the next level. You’ll discover that the higher you go, the easier things become. The journey of awakening uses contrasts in the world of form to advance spiritual evolution. This paradox opens a world of love and possibility.

Today my intention is to allow love to operate in all my relationships.

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