The art of detachment

Attachment and desire create suffering.

“To create nothingness in you is the goal of meditation, but this nothingness has nothing to do with the negative idea. It is full, abundantly full. It is so full that it starts overflowing. Buddha has defined this nothingness as overflowing compassion.”

Nothingness is infinite. It is not limited by demands or expectation, nor is it apathy. The goal of awakening is to be a joyous expression of the Divine without preconceived ideas or limitation.

When things are removed – attachments, ideas, mental demands – all that remains is pure consciousness. Passion is then transformed into compassion. The formless art of detachment teaches us to become deeply immersed in life with gratitude, joy and wonder.

Without thought, we are able to receive. Detachment allows the experience at hand to penetrate us fully. That is how we are able to put it down and walk forward without any mental baggage. You can choose to be free from the mechanisms of the mind by being here now, completely, joyfully, trusting in the process of your awakening.

Today my intention is to be a pure channel for the love, light and laughter of the Universe.

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