We are One

The infinite love of the Divine flows through all.

That’s Right! The answers within me come to me with ease

When you connect with teachings and concepts that are powerful for you, what you are really recognizing is your own power. When you see another as beautiful, inspirational or awakened, you are recognizing your own attributes. Only spirit can recognize spirit.

Awakening consciousness affects us at the deepest level. As the soul begins to become more aware of itself, it releases the layers of illusion that have outlived their usefulness.

The ego relies upon the concept of separation, seeing oneself as somehow better or worse than another. Because of this we identify with particular roles, appearance, numbers in a bank account and the struggles that come from the belief in superiority or inferiority. In essence, when the roles and judgments are stripped away we begin to understand that no one can be inferior nor superior. This is where true humility, self-confidence and compassion begin.

Make a point today to sense the sacred in all things. Begin in the mirror and expand outward. You may find yourself seeing through illusion to the formless and eternal dimension of life itself.

Today my intention is to live with an open heart.

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