I Am

“I Am”… are the two most powerful words you can use, for whatever you say after them creates your reality.

That’s Right! I am able to handle all my experiences with wisdom and ease

You are more powerful than you know. The words you say create the flow of your experience and it’s important to be conscious of the energy that you bring to any situation in which you find yourself.

Someone who says, “There’s never enough time” or “I’m always late” certainly creates a stress-filled experience, running from one project to the next, never realizing that life is responding to the ingrained pattern or thought they repeat so often.

It can take a bit of practice to break a lifetime habit. Begin with where you are. Affirmations are a way of retraining the mind, and in the beginning the ego will try to thwart your best intentions by planting the limiting thought that no matter how many times you say “There is enough time” or “I am always on time, which is a wonderful way of showing respect to those in my life”, it’s just not who you are.

As an infinite, multifaceted being you have many choices. Pay attention to the choices you make, keep those that bring you joy and purposely shift anything that no longer serves you. Changes will come. Miracles happen when you cultivate positive intention and awareness.

Today my intention is to remember that I am one with the Universe. I have all that I need.

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