Limitless possibility

vineyard_landscape_sunset.jpgThis moment is filled with perfection. Your level of awareness determines how many possibilities you can discover.

That’s Right! I see the best in everyone and help them to recognize their most wonderful qualities

As you move into greater awareness, new levels of consciousness open to you. The higher you go, the simpler things become. You are far greater than your body, your role or other people’s perception of you. Knowing this, can you sense the infinite energy of the Divine that flows through you? This is Presence.

We live in a mystery. Everything is inter-connected, often in amazing ways. The awakened soul is the loving witness of life itself. Let each moment be your meditation. Bring the transformative power of awareness to all that you do – allow it to be the backdrop of your awakened life.

Pay attention to your breath, the gaps in between breaths, the gaps between thoughts. This is the infinite space in which everything unfolds – the space which contains infinite possibility.

Today my intention is to live and walk in gratitude.

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