Life is the journey

Quietly observe life as it unfolds around you. Discover the expansiveness of Presence – experiencing without judgment.

That’s Right! I constantly find new ways of looking at the world. I see beauty everywhere

This moment is sacred. Experience it fully. See if you can detach from the mind and simply be. To know love, you must taste it, immerse yourself within it, let it speak through you, feel safe in your perceived vulnerability.

A famous story: One night the great German philosopher, Professor Von Kochenbach, saw two doors in a dream, one of which led directly to love and paradise, and the other to an auditorium where a lecture was being given on love and paradise. There was no hesitation on Von Kochenbach’s part – he darted into the lecture.

The mind is more interested in wisdom, the “hows” and instruction; however, the only way to tap into the love that is within you is through experience. You already have all that you need. Awakening allows you to consciously experience life through the heart. One way to center yourself in the moment is to ask, “How can I bring love to this situation?”

Nothing is insignificant. Even the light from the tiniest candle dispels the darkness… life is the journey, love is the destination.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities of life

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