Embrace changes

Every change you encounter awakens your soul a little bit more.

That’s Right! Knowing that friends and lovers were once strangers, I welcome new people and situations into my life

It’s said that the only constant is change itself. Resist nothing. Flow with the energy of life as best you can with ease and grace. Often what comes to us looking like a blockage or a loss in reality, is a transformation that opens up new ways of being.

The mind will always choose to stay with the known rather than explore the unknown, even when the unknown has the opportunity to bring joyous expansion. Live through the heart for it is fearless. The awakened spirit desires to evolve, and evolution, by its very definition, is the embodiment of change.

This moment is sacred. It is not something to merely pass through on the way to some imagined future. All of life is happening Now. Immerse yourself within it – enjoy the textures, the feelings, the insights and experiences with an open heart.

Today my intention is to celebrate all the changes that have flowed (intentionally or unbidden) throughout my life. They have brought me to this beautiful moment and I am grateful.

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