Thoughts create

Each of us is responsible for our own state of consciousness. Our state of consciousness is determined by what we think.

That’s Right! Knowing that my thoughts create my reality, I choose to keep them positive

Challenges arise. People leave our lives. Things don’t go as planned. Every circumstance is simply an aspect of the ebb and flow of life. How we think about these things determines how we feel, and thankfully, there is always an opportunity to transform challenging situations into moments of spiritual awakening.

90% of the workings of the mind are negative and repetitive. When allowed to run unchecked, they bring great unhappiness and frustration. Observe how often people talk about past losses or challenges, destroying the beauty and joy of the present moment – that is living lost in the story.

The awakened spirit has an opportunity to recognize negative thoughts when they arise and shift them in a way that is empowering and positive. When you notice unconscious thinking, it means that you are waking up. Your responsibility is to live this moment fully present. Doing so will bring greater happiness and fulfillment into your experience.

Today my intention is to immerse myself in the love, light and laughter of the Universe.

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