Unconditional love

Seek to give love, to be love and allow life to unfold without fear.
That’s right! Love rains down upon me from all dimensions
“Most humans believe that love is something that you get, that it is an emotion, that it has to be discovered, and that the more they give away, the less they will have. The opposite is the truth. Lovingness is an attitude that transforms one’s experience of the world. We become grateful for what we have instead of prideful. We express our lovingness when we acknowledge others and their contributions to life and to our convenience. Love is not an emotion but a way of being and relating to the world.”
~ David R. Hawkins
All that we think, say and do is recorded in the infinite field of consciousness. With this in mind, the awakened spirit seeks to give love (whether or not it is recognized by others on the physical level). We dance within the gifts of the Divine and share that joy with one another. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness. When you can say to another, “I am grateful for every moment we have spent together” without expectation or regret, you have arrived.When you can be Unconditional Love, a profound transformation occurs in your own viewpoints and they way that you choose to interact with the world. This shift in awareness creates space where the ego cannot reside, and freedom awaits us there.

Today, my intention is to honor those I love by respecting their paths, choices and perceptions as sacred.
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