Living authentically

Actions speak louder than words.
That’s right! When I live authentically, miracles unfold in my life 

The ego loves to seek recognition. This may take the form of name dropping, boasting, speaking in a manner that underscores the listeners lack of knowledge or ensuring that everyone knows about supposed altruistic good deeds or accomplishments. When the ego desires to share an accomplishment for the purpose of feeling fulfilled, simply choose to remain silent. This will shift you into empowerment and greater awareness.Authentic people are quieter. The essence of their soul’s work comes through in their consistent peaceful attitude. Kindness is their natural response and they do not seek  or need recognition from others in order to know their own value.

Let your life sing the melody of the Divine. Live your passion, follow your bliss and be a light to those who are still finding their way out of the darkness. That may be your purpose. If one life is changed in a positive and life-affirming way because of an interaction with you, you have left the world a better place… and there is no greater joy than that.

Today, my intention is to be the living, loving, joyous expression of life. All is well.
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