Transforming darkness into light

Allow the light of consciousness to shine through you.

That’s right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity

It’s important for each of us to face our own shadows. There are seven different attributes that we select from to facilitate our growth. These are what the ego utilizes to target core fears or insecurities. They are: arrogance, self-deprecation, impatience, martyrdom, greed, self-destruction and stubbornness. No matter what energy repeats in your experience, it’s important to recognize the beauty that lies within it. On the path of awakening, it’s important to remember that everything shifts into a positive expression when we raise our consciousness.

  • Arrogance – vanity transforms into pride
  • Self-deprecation – abasement transforms into humility
  • Impatience – intolerance transforms into daring
  • Martyrdom – victimization transforms into selflessness
  • Greed – voracity transforms into an appetite for life
  • Self-destruction – thoughts of suicide transform into sacrifice
  • Stubbornness – obstinacy transforms into a healthy life-affirming determination

Strong emotional reactions to a person or situation reflect that there is still something within us that requires healing. Pay attention to your state of consciousness. How often do you feel triggered? How quickly can you move back into balance?

Everything works for the highest good of all involved. With each step toward enlightenment, the love that shines through you benefits all those with whom you come in contact. Light transforms the darkness.

Today, my intention is to remember that every experience is perfect for our growth process. I choose to be at peace wherever I am.
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