Happiness is a choice that we make from moment to moment.
That’s right! To rejoice in the bliss of existence is enlightenment
Beyond experience, beyond thoughts and expectations, lies the infinite energy of pure potential. The moment you wake, you begin a new day filled with opportunity and choices. Many people will approach it much in the same manner that they do every other day (and that too is a choice) and wonder why nothing changes; however, this is the moment of transformation.See what can happen when you simply dance within the present moment – just feeling what there is to feel, seeing what there is to see and tasting the experience with every aspect of your being.

“There is no choice you’ve ever made, nor any you will ever make, that will limit you as much as you may fear.

Nor even limit you at all.

How cool is that?

Fear not, there have been no mistakes.”
~ The Universe

In every moment you have a choice. Should you notice discomfort, you may simply want to ask yourself why you are choosing to have that experience instead of the experience of happiness. Within the answer lies a gift.

Today, my intention is to dance with the joy of life. All that I need is already here.
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