Conscious suffering

Suffering has no value unless it is conscious suffering.

That’s right! Everything works toward my highest good. There is always something new to discover

One of the ego’s most subtle tools is the thought that one shouldn’t be feeling what they’re feeling. It plants a seed saying, “I should be beyond this by now” which causes the spiritual seeker to doubt their own evolutionary growth.

Emotions are powerful teachers. They are an integral aspect of the human condition. Though we learn to ride the ups and downs of life and how to stay balanced through the turbulence we experience, emotions, when they arise, should be felt wholly and explored.

This is not to say that it’s appropriate to act in an unconscious manner or while trapped in a full-fledged egoic state; rather, we take the time to process our feelings, honoring them as part of our personal path of awakening.

This distance between suffering and peacefulness can be bridged by dropping our thoughts regarding a particular issue. Our role is to see beyond the stories of the mind and experience whatever feelings arise with an open heart. That is transcendence.

Today, my intention is to reside in the light, love and laughter of the Universe.
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