The journey of love

Love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

That’s right! All that I need is already here

Deep within the layers of karma, information, opinion, history and knowledge lies an eternal divine being… you. By facing your fears, you are in the process of expanding into your true nature as an expression of the Divine.

Because of this, it is possible to love those who play the role of hating us, to forgive things we once thought impossible to forgive and to be peaceful when it seems that peace is not at hand. Dear ones, you hold the key:  inner transformation.

You have a Divine purpose. You walk a sacred journey. You are participating in raising the vibration of the planet. Relax into this wisdom and be willing to receive. Drop the barriers to love that you carry.

As you awaken, things begin to move faster. Karmic lessons present themselves, energies are balanced and you’ll find yourself quickly moving on to the next. The speed with which you advance is based upon the degree that you can love and accept yourself Now.

Today, my intention is to honor my own path as sacred. Every circumstance and player has guided me in the process of seeing myself more clearly.
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