Unconditional acceptance

The contrasts in our experience play out the patterns of growth in our lives. In our movement towards Wholeness, we learn to become more centered and peaceful while in the midst of great change. Collectively, the planet has entered it’s mature soul cycle. That means that together we have learned the lessons of power, wealth and control and now are working to cultivate a new perception that focuses on the value of friendships and growth through self-understanding.

The goal of spiritual awareness is ultimately to cultivate unconditional acceptance of the self and others while being conscious and pursuing our own path of awakening. The only way to grow is to explore and validate the various ideas that resonate with where you are on the path of transformation by living in your truth (always knowing that as your perceptions expand, there is room to change).  It’s not enough to “read and believe”, we must put this knowledge into daily practice in our lives.

Being aware requires focus. We learn to stop resisting and live life more effortlessly. We become more tolerant of others as we gain a greater understanding of their lessons and challenges. You can be the change you wish to see in the world. Anyone can be spiritual living in a cave… the gifts we discover when we learn to balance the spiritual with the physical are immeasurable.

Today my intention is to allow the love, light and laughter of the Divine to shine through me.

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