Breakthrough and transformation

Often, when we’re ready to create a dramatic change, events will unfold in a manner that forces us to break free of old patterns. Even though these intense moments seem surprising (and may perhaps seem to come out of nowhere), they would not be occurring without your soul’s permission. The greatest adventure in life is to go through an upheaval consciously and throw off the burdens and restrictions that limit us.

Challenges are great awakeners and whether spiritual, financial, health-related, or relating to unforeseen changes in home, family or work, you may be amazed at the strength and vitality that is waiting to be discovered within you. Once we can drop the labels of good or bad (or ideas of punishment and reward) and simply focus on creating a conscious response to life, the breakdown can become a breakthrough.

Today my intention is to bless the moments of my life that taught me how to rise above perceived limitation. I am grateful. 


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