The moment of transformation

The realm of stillness that is available to you is the same stillness that has inspired all the great masters and teachers of this world. Time moves on, cultures go through their transformations, we dance the dance of awakening and yet the same stillness awaits… infinite and unchangeable.

All of life is a tapestry of relating to one another, the planet and to ourselves. Relationships provide the perfect mirror which reflects core aspects of our being and assist us in our quest for wholeness. Pay attention to those who cross your path today. Any repeating experiences or patterns are there to enlighten, not to frustrate. Our job is not to find love and authentic connections “somewhere out there” but to release all the barriers to participation that we blindly carry.

The journey of your soul is unique and this is the moment of transformation. When someone comes to you for advice and you hear yourself providing loving, conscious ideas, take a moment to listen to what you are saying. This person may have come to you in order to allow you to access your inner wisdom and articulate it. Often these insights are actually meant for you.

Today my intention is to immerse myself in joy.

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