The expansion of consciousness

There is a clarity that is rooted in the deep stillness of consciousness which awaits us all. It lies beyond the desire to understand with the mind and brings a higher understanding of the harmony that connects us all. As we become more spiritually aware, we experience this clarity with greater frequency and recognize it as a wonderful gift.

We are sharing a brief moment within the infinite expansion of consciousness. This world is merely the beginning of an amazing journey from separation to wholeness – one that takes us beyond all limitations of time and space into the unknowable.

Sometimes these thoughts are too expansive to understand from our human perspective… and that’s ok. While immersed in life it’s easy to become distracted by the intensity of the world around us. This is why stillness, mindfulness, gratitude and meditation are so important – each provides an opportunity to step out of the mind and into communion with the infinite, if only for a brief moment.

Be open to the opportunities to celebrate in life. The temple of the infinite is all around us… in the trees, the wind, laughter, love, friendship, a dog’s smile… the wisdom we seek is everywhere – both within and without, if only we remember to step out of the mind and into the harmony and consciousness which is available Now.

Today my intention is to choose to recognize the magnificence of my being.

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