Being in the gap

The gap between thoughts, breaths, worlds or experiences contains limitless possibility. This no-thingness can be scary because there is nothing to hold on to; however, it is the moment of pure potential. If we can fall into this silence and become one with it, we can witness the beauty that can be found in emptiness.

Like the artist who considers a blank canvas, the writer who begins at page one, the spark of sacred life about to be born, the moments just prior to creation are vibrant and filled with possibility. We come from this gap of no-thingness and the seeds of potential are within us waiting to be expressed on the journey.

Seek to become comfortable being in the gap. Not every moment needs to be spent in excessive planning  and preparation; embrace the divine potential within while releasing limiting thoughts. In this way, you will actively become a channel through which Divine energy can flow – pure, open and part of the process of creation.

Today my intention is to be at ease in the Now. Whether in moments of action or the space in between, I am guided by love.


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