Compassionate detachment

True love, whether expressed through romance, friendship, our relationship to the planet or to ourselves, requires the gift of space. When we drop expectation and neediness, what remains is authentic compassion and kindness. We learn to honor one another’s paths, thriving during moments together as well as those spent in solitude, and consistently tend to our own healing. In this manner, loving relationships are based upon mutual respect rather than drama or conflict and there is no desire that anything be other than what it is.

Many people believe that drama (emotional reaction and conflict) proves that someone cares. This is an ego-driven concept that measures worth by how much energy we absorb from one another.  When you notice that you are no longer interested in participating in drama, love becomes a higher, more accepting quality that is born from the culmination of experience. And from there, we enter the realm of detached compassion.

See life as an adventure to be lived. Walk forward with the trust of a child in the process of discovery. Relate to life from a space of gratitude and bless all the moments we share with one another and take one more step into the unknown. Allow those in your life to learn their own lessons in their own time-frame and in their own way. This is a gift of love.

Today my intention is to remember that everyone is capable of change and my role is to provide a space in which transformation can occur.


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