Begin Now

No matter what you what you wish to achieve, you can begin this moment. Focus on the end result of happiness and make one conscious decision and action today. Whether you desire to expand your awareness, create more harmony and success in the workplace, heal family relationships or forgive the past, it begins with you in this moment.

Every day is a fresh start. There is no need to carry fears or regrets forward, and yet many do exactly that – why? It justifies procrastination. One can become lost in the mazes of the mind thinking they are unworthy of fulfillment and abundance; however, in this infinite Universe there is enough energy for each of us to experience expansion throughout our lives.

Be aware that whatever you resist changing is likely the very thing that needs to shift the most. As we release attachment to old ways of being, we create the space in which something new can emerge.

Today my intention is to be at peace within the Now. This moment is filled with infinite possibility.

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