Transformation begins when we allow ourselves to wash away the pain…
That’s Right! I am willing to create change in my experience by releasing that which no longer serves me
In the midst of every healing session, the picture above represents my impression of the meeting place of our  souls. Whether  we are coming together to do a chakra cleanse, soul retrieval, karmic imprint removal, life changes through hypnosis or communing with the inner child, we greet one another at the Rivers of Life.

From here, anything is possible. The healing waters cleanse old wounds and wash away the pain and intensity that so easily become a part of day to day life.

Freedom awaits you. Love yourself enough to accept the gifts of the Divine. You are surrounded by assistance, and when you are willing to receive, miracles abound.

Today my intention is to visualize transformation and live as it has already materialized in my life. 
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